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Mobile Massage

Book an in-home massage today, and bring the spa to you!

Are you busy, stressed out mom, dad or entrepreneurs. We all know someone who runs non stop from the minute they wake to the minute they go to sleep and have no time for themselves! Those people? Our IDEAL clients. What makes us unique in the market? We COME TO YOU!!

Why have the massage at your home?

Have you been in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?

Let us help you recover. Massage works great in combination with physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. Decrease your stress and recovery time with the convenience of massage at your home.

Servicing Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and area.

Workplace Massage Program

Would your work place in Edmonton and area enjoy the benefits of massage therapy?

Workplace massage is gaining in popularity due to the benefits it can bring to both employee and employer. Stress can negatively affect workplace productivity. Happy and heathy employees make productive employees.

Massage Benefits

Your Business:

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Lower sick leaves and absenteeism
  • Raise employee retention
  • Attract top talent
  • Increase company loyalty
  • Boost office morale
  • Pay less in Worker’s Compensation claims
  • Lower stress and tension in the workplace
  • Lower employee turnover

Your Employees:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Decrease muscle tension and pain
  • Relieve headaches
  • Increase focus and mental clarity
  • Increase energy and circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Treat carpal tunnel and tendonitis
  • Increase immune function
  • Improve sleep quality

The massage therapist will come to your workplace and will set up her table or chair in a private empty room/boardroom where the therapist can treat the back, shoulders, arms and hands. The treatment usually lasts between 10-30 minutes and is generally aimed towards relieving stress and tension and or preventing or treating repetitive strain injuries.

Servicing Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert and Sherwood Park.

Chair and Table Massage available.

Please contact us for pricing.

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Event Massage

We can bring massage to any of these types events or special functions.

  • Backstage Massage Events
  • Admin Days
  • Conventions and Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Health Fairs
  • Nurses Week
  • Trade Shows
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Private Events
  • Bridal Parties

Direct Billing

We offer Direct billing for most major insurance providers:

  • Alberta Blue Cross

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance

  • Desjardins Insurance
  • Great West Life

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Johnson

  • Manulife
Maximum Benefit

  • Standard Life

  • Sunlife

Our Policies

Safety comes first

We know that you won’t be able to relax and enjoy your massage unless you feel 100% comfortable with your therapist. And your therapist needs to know that they will be safe when meeting new clients at their home, office or hotel. So we place the highest priority on safety.

For client safety, our therapists undergo:

For therapist safety, our clients must:


Tips are greatly appreciated by our therapist. Cash is the best way to provide tips as direct billing and our pay online option does not allow for it.


In order to minimize disruptions to our schedule, we require 24 hours notice to change, cancel and/or reschedule Massage Therapy appointments. If you need to cancel or change your scheduled appointment, please notify us 24 hours prior to your scheduled time by phone or email.

If 24 hours is not given, the client will be responsible to pay for the full price of the scheduled appointment.

Cancellation fees are in effect to ensure that our therapists are compensated for their time. As a busy business we often turn away clients, please keep in mind that if inadequate notice is given it is difficult to fill vacant spots, this not only negatively impacts our therapists, but also affects our clients. Please be courteous to your therapist and other clients by respecting our policies.


We do our best to maintain a punctual, consistent schedule. There is potential for schedule conflicts however, we will always accommodate accordingly. If you arrive late, we will try to adjust without compromising the next appointment, otherwise your treatment time may be shortened with regular fees applied. If we are late, your appointment time will not be adjusted and your full appointment time will be completed. Please allow for a 10 minute grace period for the therapist. Traffic and construction can affect our therapists drive times.

We appreciate your respect and understanding with following our policies.

Thank you.


(All prices +GST)

60 Minute
Mobile Massage


90 Minute
Mobile Massage


2 x 60 Minute
Mobile Massages


About the Team

Camille Wallach

Camille Wallach, Owner & RMT

Mobile/Workplace Therapist

My name is Camille Wallach and I am a 2005 graduate of the Registered Massage Therapist program at Lethbridge Community College. I have been grandfathered with 2200 hours and am registered with NHPC. I am trained in several different massage types being; deep tissue, relaxation, myofascial cupping, and pregnancy massage. My primary experience has been working within chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics and recently my own mobile massage business.

I have worked in massage therapy now for 10 years, in the Edmonton area for 6 years, and I really enjoy it, especially the part where I get to make people feel great! I like meeting new people, getting to know them and creating great relationships with my patients. I enjoy the challenge of trying to diagnose which muscles are causing the issue for the patient and developing a treatment plan. I personally believe in taking care of myself and massage is a major part of that, and I enjoy sharing that passion with others.

Cheryl Safroniuk

Cheryl Safroniuk, RMT

Mobile Therapist in South West Edmonton

Cheryl is a graduate of the 3000 hour Massage Therapy Program at Makami College. She specializes in various modalities therapeutic/deep tissue, Swedish/relaxation, hot stone, sports therapy, trigger point as well as myofascial cupping to address various health conditions. Cheryl has a passion for health and wellness, and looks forward to meeting you soon.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking/reading, as well as bodybuilding/fitness competitions.

Malvina Grelecka

Malvina Grelecka, RMT

Workplace/Mobile Therapist South West Edmonton

Going through school Malvina wasn't sure of what profession to choose. Shortly after high school, she worked with individuals that had both mental and physical disabilities. This type of care taking made her discover she definitely wanted to choose a role in the healthcare field. After two years she enrolled in her first year of massage therapy full time, and finished her education from MaKami College of 3000 hour certification.

Currently furthering more education Malvina has taken her CST Intro, and is finishing her certification next spring 2017. Malvina enjoys spending time with her big family and traveling all over the world when possible. Hot yoga, kayaking and singing are some of her passions.

Tina Patton

Tina Patton

Mobile Therapist Sherwood Park/North Edmonton

Tina has been a Massage Therapist since June 2012 when she completed her 2200 hour Remedial Massage Therapy program at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy. She is a member of National Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).

With a strong desire to help people, it was of no surprise to those who knew her, when she decided to begin her career in massage therapy. With a firm belief in the benefits of massage, Tina is committed to providing each client with the best care possible. Whether it is your first visit or your fiftieth, each session is catered specifically to your needs.

Brittany Chapman

Brittany Chapman, Student RMT

Mobile Therapist Sherwood Park, Starting September

Brittany a student therapist from MaKami College of Massage. She decided to become a massage therapist because she has a passion for helping others. Brittany loves knowing she’s made a difference in helping her clients feel better. She like to incorporate relaxation massage in with deep tissue work, myofascial cupping and trigger point therapy. Combining these different techniques makes for a relaxing, yet effective massage in relieving tight muscles from everyday use or injuries from overuse.

Gisele Gratton

Gisele Gratton, RMT

Workplace Therapist

Gisele attended school at Metro Community College Edmonton, graduating in 2003. Gisele's passion for massage therapy developed when she was a teenager, she would massage her friends and family for fun. She found out that she really enjoyed working with people and helping them feel better. Gisele has over 13 years of experience.

Sasha Wallach, Office Manager & Corporate Accounts Manager

Sasha's background is mainly in the food industry. In the past few years she has been in working in front and back of house restaurant management. She has been working for MMYEG over the past year doing corporate sales and account management. If you have any inquires about Workplace massage therapy please contact her.


What are the benefits to Massage Therapy?

What else can Massage Therapy help with?

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Diabetes
  • TMJ
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sciatica
  • Depression
  • Upper back and neck pain
  • Stress relief
  • Chronic back pain
  • Insomnia

How often should I get a massage?

Depends on our treatment plan and what we are treating. Acute injuries can be once a week lasting 2 – 4 weeks. Regular massages can be once a month.

What type of space do I need when you come to my house?

Most people choose to have the massage in their bedroom, bonus room, basement, rec rooms. What I need is a 10 ft. long by 5 foot wide space to be able to function properly and for the portable massage bed.

How far do I need to undress?

A full body massage requires undressing as far as your underwear. Lotions will be applied directly to skin. You will be covered fully with a sheet and only the area being worked on at that time will be exposed.

How will I feel after a massage?

Typically you should instantly feel relaxed. Getting off the table you may feel slightly light headed. Soreness may often occur for a few days after the massage like you just had a big workout. Any soreness should subside within 2 days.

What should I do after my massage?

Drink plenty of water, treat yourself to a nice shower or bath, and apply hot packs to areas that have been worked on.

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Corporate Client Testimonials

Having Camille come in to the Granify office has definitely made my Monday's better! Having the opportunity to shut off and receive a massage in the middle of the day is a wonderful perk. And the fact that Camille is an absolutely fantastic massage therapist doesn't hurt either! I would recommend Camille to anyone wanting a massage and to any office who is debating bringing in mobile massage!

Taylor, Granify

Camille is truly the best! Not only is she one of the most skilled massage therapists I've met, yet she is also a genuinely kind and enjoyable person to be around. Camille is always on time, extremely flexible with our schedules, and delivers fantastic results! Out of the 20+ people at our office that she massages, there has only been positive feedback on Camille. Thank you so much for everything!

Katie, Granify

Camille Wallach is everything a massage therapist should be. Professional, timely and approachable. If you don’t get massages currently, she will change your body’s health in both the short run and long term. She is a must, I won’t go to anyone else!

Brittany, Granify

Our office has benefited by the professional and absolute relaxation of chair massages from Camille, Giselle, and Michael. There is no coffee break that could work out tension and rejuvenate a staff person than at the hands of these therapeutic masters. If you see someone looking relaxed and dreamy waking down the hall you know they have just indulged in a chair massage. Camille has the whole process from booking to receipt working seamlessly and the whole experience awesome.

Thank you so much for making this such an enjoyable treat!

Janet, CARNA

I have had the pleasure of receiving upper body massages from both Camille Wallach (owner of Mobile Massage) and her staff member, Giselle.

The staff from this group has come to our office where every second Friday we have been gifted with a massage. They provide discreet and professional massages and take the time to address any concerns or acute issues the client may have.

I was so impressed with the massages I received at work that I arranged with Camille to provide service to 16 ladies at a retreat I arranged in November 2015. The service was very well received and some ladies signed up twice! It was so nice to have Camille and Giselle bring their own massage chairs and travel to our location.

I highly recommend Mobile Massage and continue to do so.

Treena, CARNA