Our Mission ~

To provide high quality massage therapy for people who value their time and health.



We are the solution for people that say they don’t have time for massage.


We believe that family is the most important. We want to make you feel great so that you can give to your family.


When you are living a healthy, pain free life, you feel better. Mental and physical wellness can be improved with regular massage therapy.

Camille Wallach, RMT Owner & Mobile/Workplace Therapist

My name is Camille Wallach and I am a 2005 graduate of the Registered Massage Therapist program at Lethbridge Community College. I have been grandfathered with 2200 hours and am registered with NHPC. I am trained in several different massage types being; deep tissue, relaxation, myofascial cupping, and pregnancy massage. My primary experience has been working within chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics and recently my own mobile massag.

I have worked in massage therapy now for 10 years, in the Edmonton area for 6 years, and I really enjoy it, especially the part where I get to make people feel great! I like meeting new people, getting to know them and creating great relationships with my patients. I enjoy the challenge of trying to diagnose which muscles are causing the issue for the patient and developing a treatment plan. I personally believe in taking care of myself and massage is a major part of that, and I enjoy sharing that passion with others.

Crystal Montory, RMT Mobile Therapist in Sherwood Park and East Edmonton

Crystal explored massage therapy after working as an Aesthetician for 9 years and has found her passion. A graduate of the Alberta College of Massage Therapy 2200 hour clinical massage program. Crystal is skilled in Relation massage, deep tissue massage, and myofascial release. Crystal is motivated to help her clients thrive in their lifestyles, from athletes to seniors. “Live well, be well and move well!”

In her personal life, Crystal enjoys keeping active and playing sports. Health and fitness is a large part of her life.

Chey Markin, RMT South Edmonton/ Leduc/Beaumont Mobile Therapist

My name is Chelan Markin. I am a member of the CRMTA. I’ve been massaging for two year, graduated August 2016 with high grades. Friends and family that know me will say that I love to laugh, learn and explore. Some of my hobbies include bike riding, hiking, and reading. These are often done with my beautiful husky Kesha by my side.

My goal as a therapist is to create a massage experience that fits the individual specific needs, while clearing up the areas and intersections of the body that are congested, by various techniques and modalities. This includes stretches that allow and assist the body to stretch and balance itself. It gives me great satisfaction to help people shed the stress and pain that repetitive use and life put on their bodies. I'm here to help you.

Malvina Grelecka, RMT Workplace/Mobile Therapist in South West Edmonton

Going through school Malvina wasn't sure of what profession to choose. Shortly after high school, she worked with individuals that had both mental and physical disabilities. This type of care taking made her discover she definitely wanted to choose a role in the healthcare field. After two years she enrolled in her first year of massage therapy full time, and finished her education from MaKami College of 3000 hour cer.

Currently furthering more education Malvina has taken her CST Intro, and is finishing her certification next spring 2017. Malvina enjoys spending time with her big family and traveling all over the world when possible. Hot yoga, kayaking and singing are some of her passions.

Jessica Grelecka, RMT Mobile Therapist in Sherwood Park

Coming soon...

Cassandra Hall, RMT West Edmonton Mobile Massage Therapist

Cassie Hall is 2200 hr graduate from Alberta institute of Massage in Red deer, AB.

She’s been in the massage business for 5 years and has traveled all over AB massaging a variety of clients. She’s specializes in all areas including sport, relaxation, therapeutic, pregnancy, and rapid adhesion release.